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Everyone has been given a gift in life. Some people have a gift for science and some have a flair for art. Warriors have been given the gift of aggression. They would no more misuse this gift than a doctor would misuse his healing arts, but they yearn for the opportunity to use their gift to help others. These people, the ones who have been blessed with the gift of aggression and a love for others, are our sheepdogs. These are our warriors.

And so the warrior must strive to confront denial in all aspects of his life, and prepare himself for the day when evil comes.

                   - Lt. Col David Grossman - Sheepdog



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B&A® Introduces their "3RGS" Hand Guards at Shot Show 2015

John Galletta


On Tuesday January 20th, Brothers and Arms® USA showed off new hand guards at the 2015 Shot Show in Las Vegas. The Hand Guards were very well received by attendees of the show and the response has been overwhelming since. With rumors that B&A was going to get into the gun accessories market before the show, retailers were already placing orders to be the first to carry them.

The first reason for the buzz was because of a well designed and unique product made for an AR15. It has a forward thinking ergonomic shape, thin profile and is light in weight (16" Hand guard is 12oz). The second reason was that it was made by a clothing company! This surprise put Brothers and Arms® along side great gun parts manufactures at the show.

The "3RGS" Universal Key Mod Hand Guard comes in 7" - 16" and comes with a proprietary barrel nut and installation tool in the box. It is made from 6061 - T6 extruded aluminum and all come in class III hard coated Anodize.

3RGS HandGuard Box

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for these Hand Guards to hit your local gun store!