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11800 Sterling Avenue, Suite G
Riverside, CA. 92503
United States of 'Merica

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Everyone has been given a gift in life. Some people have a gift for science and some have a flair for art. Warriors have been given the gift of aggression. They would no more misuse this gift than a doctor would misuse his healing arts, but they yearn for the opportunity to use their gift to help others. These people, the ones who have been blessed with the gift of aggression and a love for others, are our sheepdogs. These are our warriors.

And so the warrior must strive to confront denial in all aspects of his life, and prepare himself for the day when evil comes.

                   - Lt. Col David Grossman - Sheepdog



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B&A new styles available for Pre-Order!

John Galletta

We are offering a preview of just a few of the new styles for Fall. They are now available for pre-orders! Any orders on the pre-order list will ship November 25th, 2014. Get yours today to receive it in time for the holidays. Also, check your local Boot Barn, new styles will be hitting the sales floor VERY soon!!

You can check back regularly at to see the new products as they are getting added to the site. Those on our mailing list will be first to hear about new items or promotions. Don't forget to add your name to the list so that you don't miss out on anything.